Keeping Self-Storage Costs Down

Putting things in a storage unit is a great way to save money in the long run. Rather than getting rid of items now and then having to re-purchase them later, you can keep them in a self storage unit until you need them again. But renting a storage unit does come with some costs. Here are ways to keep those costs down.

1. Rent a storage unit upstairs.

If you are renting from a storage facility with both upstairs and downstairs units, you can often save a bundle by renting an upstairs unit. Usually, these are priced lower because of the added inconvenience of getting your items into the unit. There will be a way to do it; most facilities have freight elevators you can use. However, it will take longer than loading a downstairs unit. If you have the time to spare just once, you can save on the cost of your unit month after month.

2. Opt out of climate control if you don't need it.

Climate control can be a very good thing, but it is not always essential. If you are not storing anything that is temperature-sensitive, then you don't need to pay for this extra feature. You can get a simple, garage-style storage unit for a lot less, and this is all you really need if you're storing outdoor equipment, simple furniture, or sporting goods. If your area has fairly even temperatures and low humidity all year round, you may even be able to store some appliances in a non-climate-controlled unit.

3. Share your unit.

Do you know someone else who could also benefit from renting a storage unit? See if they would be willing to share a unit with you. Often, you can rent one larger unit for a lot less than what it costs to rent two separate storage units. You can take turns paying the bill each month, or one of you could pay the other half the fee each month.

4. Check whether you need insurance.

Most storage facilities offer insurance to protect you if your items end up being stolen or damaged while in storage. But you may not need this coverage. Check your homeowner's insurance policy — some policies cover your items, even when they are in storage. If your homeowners insurance will cover you, then you don't need the additional insurance offered by the storage facility, so you can save money by turning this down.

With the tips above, you can keep storage costs down. Storage is a smart solution, and even more so when you keep costs under control.