Two Important Questions And Answers About Climate Controlled Storage Units

When you are needing to store items outside of your home, there are many storage unit rental services that you can use. However, not all of these services will be able to offer you the use of climate controlled units. To help you with making a reasonable decision regarding using climate controlled units, you will want to enhance your awareness of this type of storage unit.

What Types Of Items Should Be Stored In Climate Controlled Units?

A climate controlled storage unit will have a higher monthly rental cost than standard units. Yet, there are some items that can suffer extensive damage if they are not stored in this type of unit. This is due to the fact that the temperature in a standard storage unit can become extremely hot, and this may cause some items to melt or otherwise degrade. Additionally, excessively high humidity levels can cause condensation to gather on these items, which can cause rot or discoloration to occur. Typically, the items that will be most at risk of suffering these damages will be clothing, electronics, wood and some types of vinyl.

How Do You Set The Temperature And Humidity For Your Unit?

It may seem as though setting or adjusting the environmental controls for your unit will be challenging or complicated. However, many of these units are configured so that there will be a thermostat inside your unit. This will allow you to easily adjust these settings so that they are in the ideal range for your items. If you are unsure of the exact settings that you should use, there are many rental services that can provide you with a sheet that outlines the proper temperature and humidity storage needs for a number of different items.

If you have limited experience with using a climate controlled storage unit, you may want to check on your items after being in the unit a few days. It can be extremely difficult to accurately gauge the temperature and humidity that you will need. By making this visit to check on your possessions, you can make any necessary adjustments before damage occurs to your possessions.

Using climate controlled storage units may be one of the most effective options for safely storing your possessions. These units are equipped with powerful air conditioning systems that can keep the humidity and temperature within a set range. By appreciating the types of items that will benefit from this storage solution as well as the way that you will adjust these settings, you can have the information that is needed to make wise choices for meeting your storage needs.