Cleaning Storage Units After You Have Vacated Them: Tips To Get Back Your Security Deposit

When you rented one or more storage units, your landlord probably requested a security deposit. This may seem like a strange practice, but given that some tenants tend to ignore the rules of the contract and store messy things in their units, the security deposit is a necessary step in keeping the landlord's property clean and rent-ready. If you are about to exit your storage unit(s), here are a few tips you can use to get your security deposit back.

Brush off Bugs and Spider Webs

If you are like most people, you probably put a ton of stuff in your storage unit and have not thought about it since, except to pay the rent. When you finally revisit it to clear it out, there will probably be several dead bugs, spider webs, and maybe even a live spider or two hanging off the front door. Using a broom, you can sweep away the bug corpses, shells, and spider webs, and brush off the live spiders that come creeping your way.

Wash Down the Door and Door Frame

Sure, your storage unit may be outside in a building with other units in all kinds of weather, but you would be surprised at the amount of dirt the door and door frame still collect. Wash these down so they are sparkling clean. It will definitely impress your landlord, and it will also eliminate any remaining traces of webs and dead bugs.

Sweep the Floor Inside

After you have removed all of your worldly goods, do a thorough sweeping of the floor. It is easiest to just sweep the dirt and dust to the outside beyond the threshold of the door where the wind will carry it away. Then examine the floor for any discolored spots. Make sure these were not left by anything you had in storage. If they were, use a power washer to wash the floor (again, toward the open door where the water will run away from the storage units and the building).

Use a Broom to Brush Down the Walls and out the Door

Before you go crazy with a power washer (if applicable), take a broom and brush down the walls of the storage unit. Once everything is free and clear and it does not look like there is anything else left to sweep or clean, ask your landlord to do the checkout walk-through, which verifies that you cleaned your unit and that you should get your deposit back.

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